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Giraffe Print Films

Giraffe Hide Wrap Film

Giraffe skin has a deeper, symbolic meaning of forecasting and prediction. Giraffes are able to see trends and warnings when others are oblivious. The giraffe is also a symbol for the trailblazer or pioneer. You will often find this pattern in the homes and offices of entrepreneurs and free-thinkers.

Giraffe prints are not for the faint of heart. Use these patterns sparingly or you just may end up being accused of running a safari out of your living room.

Leopard Print Vinyl wraps

Leopard Skin Vinyl

The leopard is native to Africa, Eurasia and the Middle East and belong to the Panthera pardus. They have had quite a long history here on earth from between 2 and 3.5 million years and have evolved into nine subspecies of leopard. Despite their evolutionary successes, they are most known for their skin. Leopard skin stands out for its pattern, which features dark spots grouped in rosettes which, just like human fingerprints, are unique to every leopard. Fur color varies depending on the leopard's location; leopards who live in forests and mountains have darker, deep golden fur, while leopards who live in hotter regions are cream-colored or yellow.

Of all the patterns we've covered, leopard has the ability to blend the most and to be the least garish of all. But, whichever you pick don't be ashamed to use these prints to showcase your personal style.



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